Welcome to the 4th UCEC conference – UCEC2015

University-Community Engagement goes beyond mere outreach, as universities seek mutually beneficial relationships with communities to address community issues and needs with a commitment to sharing and reciprocity which embraces two-way partnerships.

UCEC is the biennial conference promoted by the Asia-Pacific University-Community Engagement Network (APUCEN) and co-hosted by their members. This is the first UCEC to be held in Australia.

UCEC Objectives:

  1. To deepen critical discourse on the empowerment role of universities and their knowledge creation practice;

  2. To explore methods, strategies and experiences used in mutual community engagement and partnership among different sectors;

  3. To strengthen the capacity of universities in the process of social reform for social justice and sustainable development;

  4. To enhance networking, and the sharing of experiences among educators, communities, as well as social development practitioners, and to highlight best-practice cases of various types of university-community engagement.

This conference aims to create an opportunity for interested participants to share knowledge, experience and expertise whilst they contemplate the central question of enhancement and innovation for the future scenarios of community engagement.

Conference Theme:

Enhancement and Innovations in University-Community Engagement

Conference Sub Themes

  • Innovative Approaches to Community Engagement

  • Opportunities and Challenges of University-Community Engagement

  • Higher Education Transformation and Sustainability through Community Engagement

  • Transforming Communities through the Scholarship of Community Engagement

UCEC2015 will be held from Sunday 1st November to Tuesday 3rd November 2015 at Mantra on View, Gold Coast, Australia.

For further information please contact:

UCEC2015 Steering Committee, Australia
Chair: Ms Fiona O’Sullivan
Email: ucec2015@acap.edu.au
Phone: +61 (02) 9964 6387

Inform your colleagues that you are participating in UCEC2015 with a tailored graphic for your signature.